Store formulas in database fields

Colbert is a database management system with unique possibilities

Store formulas in database fields.
Apply them with SQL to data from other tables.
A range of problems become easily solvable in the database management system.


Formulas in database fields ?

In current database management systems (DBMS) it is not possible to store formulas in database fields. You can define a formula for an entire column but not for an individual record. In a spreadsheet you can store a formula in a cell but the parameters of that formula are statically defined: they are bound to specific cells.

Actually, it is strange that you cannot save formulas in your database because formulas might be relevant properties of an object. For example, consider the bonus you have agreed on with your employer, the criteria by which you are looking for a new car to buy, the taxes you have to pay per year, criteria for segmentation of a population or identification of risk factors.

Colbert does offer the possibility to store formulas in database fields and integrates this seamlessly into SQL. You can join a table of formulas with a table of data. 

With our database management system we enable users to solve problems with SQL that would otherwise have to be solved outside the database for a multiple of costs and completion time. Take a look at the application areas and see how simple, powerful and innovative it is.

More unique features

In addition to the possibility of storing formulas in database fields, Colbert comes with extended functionality that offers powerful, unparalleled possibilities for data analysis:

• Former
Former is a function that refers a field in the previous record
• Slim SQL
In addition to SQL, Slim SQL makes it possible to write a query in a more compact and simple manner.

• Text analysis

Haddock is a powerful language for inspect and update text and is a part of our extended SQL

• Normalisation

Data with repeated structures can be normalized with Colbert in SQL
• Generic functions
With Colbert it is very easy to define functions. They even might be generic or overloaded