What is Colbert
Colbert is a Relational Database Management System developed by Colbert Databases BV.

Aside generic database management functionality, the Colbert product comprises unique features that are not found in other DBMS.
These features offer great benefits to the user as explained below:

Breakthrough Analysis Tooling

Through its exclusive and differentiating technology, Colbert offers access to a wide array of solutions for analytical challenges that cannot be solved with a conventional DBMS

A key enabler in the Colbert technology is the powerful ability to execute formulas, stored in its database and seamlessly integrate these in SQL.

Contrary to what many people believe, this functionality is not available in other DBMS. This is surprising since formulas can be relevant properties of an object and crucial for data interpretation.

Hence this capability to store and execute formulas makes Colbert unique and provides an essential building block to enable and accelerate analysis capabilities that otherwise would require additional programming outside your DBMS.

Aside from the formula execution functionality, Colbert offers more features that are unique and simplify data analysis.

Colbert sets a new standard in data analysis by extending SQL.

Data analysis made simple

Our mission is to make data analysis a joy, using technology to turn data into information in the simplest and most elegant way possible.

Our guiding principle is to ask the question: “is this correct, or is there a simpler solution?”

In general people are tempted to look for solutions within their comfort zones. However, sometimes more refined solutions exist outside these areas, more powerful and simpler.

Applying this philosophy, we have been able to make the next step up with our latest product introduction.

With the right tool you can focus on the problem. You don’t need to waste time on complex solutions. 

Simplicity and Elegance

Cost and time saving

The Colbert product enables time and cost savings by means of its remarkable functionality that avoids programming outside your DBMS.

With our tools you can focus on the challenge to turn data into information. You don’t have to waste time to create complex solutions for basic queries for which SQL currently is not powerful enough.

To overcome the current limitations of SQL, Colbert provides extended functionality that offers unparalleled possibilities for data analysis. This functionality has been implemented with only a very small extension of SQL.