Bert Vegter

After studying Physics and graduating in Informatics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, I have been working for several years in the IT department of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. It was during this time that I realized the database being utilized could benefit from improved tools to address the data within it

In 1990, I founded my company, Colbert Databases BV, which successfully specialized in developing and licensing database tools for Academic Hospitals in The Netherlands. These tools empowered hospitals to utilize SQL to access their non-relational databases and efficiently fulfill their operational needs.

As time progressed, all Academic Hospitals transitioned to more advanced information systems. Colbert products played a crucial role in facilitating this migration.

Bert Vegter
Bert Vegter
Subsequently, Colbert Databases BV introduced a new Relational Database Management System named Colbert. This product not only offers standard SQL functionality but also brings a fresh and innovative approach to data and data analysis methods.


We often take things for granted, and most of the time, that’s perfectly fine. After all, questioning everything can lead to madness.

However, there are moments when it’s incredibly beneficial to pause and ask ourselves: “Is this right?” or “Could there be a simpler solution?” These inquiries can lead to unexpected insights.

I have always embraced these questions as guiding principles in my development process.
For instance, I have pondered: Why can’t formulas be stored directly in database fields? Why require a separate tool for data normalization? Why offer numerous text manipulation functions if they still can’t accomplish what’s needed? Why not create a generic function definition?

We often limit ourselves to solutions within familiar domains. Yet, sometimes, the most elegant and effective solutions lie beyond those boundaries, waiting to be discovered.

Can we make it simpler?

Problems can indeed be complex, but that complexity should never justify a convoluted solution. Often, by approaching a problem from a completely different angle, we uncover unexpectedly simple solutions.


Colbert Databases BV resides in Groningen in the Netherlands. Groningen is known for its wide open spaces and peacefulness. This landscape helps me to develop an open mind towards new ideas and innovative exploration.

My mission is to make data analysis a joy, using technology to turn data into information in the simplest and most elegant way possible.

With the right tool you can focus on the problem. You don’t need to waste time on complex solutions.

Wide open spaces and peacefulness in Groningen


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