Colbert is a relational database management system (RDBMS).
It introduces unique technology,
offering innovative solutions to analytical challenges beyond conventional boundaries.

Pattern matching and text analysis

Revolutionize text analysis with Haddock, Colbert's SQL extension.
Simplify complex tasks, save time, and perform seamless text manipulations directly within SQL. Effortlessly perform updates, extractions, testing and counting on text fields, overcoming regular expression challenges.
Elevate your data analysis game and integrate Haddock into your SQL toolkit today!

Structure raw data

When data lacks organization in a tidy relational model, SQL access becomes a challenge, whether due to poor design or non-relational sources like text files.
Colbert resolves this seamlessly by introducing the Normalize virtual table.
Restructure your data without duplicating or relocating it.
No additional software or skills required, it's all integrated into our SQL.


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